Cultivating Empathy at Brandon University

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Please use this space to ask questions or share comments/ideasHere's a link to danah boyd's recent study on cyberbullying - know more about the Facebook 'super-logoff'? Check this out - See, Children Do - this link instead for 'Children See, Children Do' -'s Fight it Together - is kind of a sad PD session : /@Brad - we all have the power to do something about this stuff - don't worry, it will take a positive twist :-)I'm wondering if it would be appropriate to give the child having problems your email address and/or cell number to text? As a teacher...A lot of the things we've been viewing display technology negatively... Which contradicts what we've been learning about in our ict class dDoes anybody have the link to make that group for "email" texts? However it's called...How do we protect students' identities online?@Katlin - the best way is to start with a common space to share content they've created & invite feedback from their peers@Katlin - as students become better at giving & receiving feedback on their work, they'll be inspired to create & share even more content@Katlin - we do have to model for our students what quality work looks like & help them to understand what & where they should share...Words Do Hurt (Alye Pollack) -