Digital Learning Project ~ Student Cohort Session 2 ~ 13 January 2012
Fake panko by santheo, on Flickr
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9:00 Welcome Back!
Today we're talking about how Shift Happens.

consumer » creator » sharer
- leave breadcrumbs in our shared doc!

9:10 Gettin' Googley
Discover Google. It’s more than just an ordinary search engine.
There's a lot to learn inside search, and even more Googley stuff than you can shake a stick at.
We'll play to learn. (You might also want to look at Google Sites.)
Got Google? Share it...

9:25 Share One Thing
Some of you have "done one thing". Tell us about it.

In our Today's Meet Room share three things about what you're hearing.
One each beginning with: I noticed ..., I wonder ..., What if ...
Determination by jeffjose, on Flickr
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With Great Power Comes Great Responsibility

- Satire is hard to do well

- Is it possible to be "private" online?

- You have great power, you can use it for good or ill.

10:15 Mmmm, snacks ...

Give, take ’n share by Funchye, on Flickr
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10:15 Learning is ...

A quick mashup ... ~
Here's a step-by-step you can use (pdf)

Email your mashups to:

Swing like Spidey: Creative Commons

Share your mashup online. Any way you like.
One suggestion:
You might also want to join and share your photo in this flickr group.
11:20 - 11:30 Your Mission:

• Play. Find one cool thing about any Google Tool and share it in our Google Doc.

• Like last time: Do one thing. Please share it. [rinse, wash, repeat]

We'll see you again 16 February 2012 if not sooner!