Digital Learning Project ~ Teacher Cohort Session 2 ~ 13 January 2012

1:00 Welcome

1:05 Sharing the Journey So Far ...
- Please add notes or links in our shared doc.

1:30 Sharing what the kids did ...

1:45 Not Just The Facts Ma'am
- In our Today's Meet room share three observations:
I noticed ..., I wonder ..., What if ...

- Why was Karl able to do this with Abbie?

- What happens when the focus shifts from tool to task?



2:30 Get Connected ... Make a Contribution

Some Questions to Kickstart Gettin' Twitterpated
What's a hashtag? A copy of educational hash tags used on twitter.

What's a "twitter chat" and why should I care?

What's a FOAF and how does it help you build a network worth having?

Twitter Lists and (Darren's various

If you have already joined twitter come share your twitter contact info here.


Twitter grammar:
Mentions or "@ replies"

Retweeting or RT

Modified Tweets or MT

Preceding a tweet with a [space] or .

Your Mission:

Share One Thing. Use the hashtag: #sjsdlp

We'll see you between now and 16 February 2012!