Digital Learning Project ~ Teacher Cohort Session 3 ~ 16 February 2012
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Telling Tales
... of what came before. Wazzup?
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Learning in Public
What does that mean?

...Some "rules of thumb" we've stumbled upon ...

• leave digital footprints

• audience matters; and it ain't just the two of youse talkin'

• share everything you learn … and do learning; process matters

• embrace risk, vulnerability vis a vis learning. Sharing what you don't know grows what you do know

• learning is a conversation; it's up to you to start that discussion

• be a selfish learner: give away everything you got!

My Learner's Journey

...Your Story
Using only 4 slides, share the story of your life so far as a learner & teacher. Something you might share with your class at the beginning of a new semester. Ensure you include something that reveals your passion for teaching.

Keep in mind the rules of thumb shared above.

If you'd like a little more direction you can follow this suggested outline but making your own would probably be a little more awesome.

• My earliest memory of something I learned. (What was it? How did you feel? Who was there?)
• Something I tried so hard to learn, but it just wouldn't stick. (Why were you trying to learn that? What made it so hard? Why do you still remember the experience?)
• Something you learned that made you feel great! (Why did you care about this? What made it "click" for you? Have you paid it forward?)
• Share something you wish you could learn but haven't yet. Dream big. (How would your life be different for knowing this thing? How would it touch other people?)

...The Mechanics
• Use only 4 slides. Full screen images. Add a 5th slide only to list sources for the images used.
• You can have a little text, a few words, on each slide. No words is better. You can use PowerPoint, Keynote or Google Docs to create your slide deck.
• You will narrate your story. 15 sec/slide = 1 minute of audio recording. Record & download your audio as an mp3 file at
• Export your slides as a pdf file and upload them to
• Create a slidecast. Upload your mp3 file and sync the slides to your audio. (We'll show you how.)
• You've just shared a digital story. That's brilliant.


Your Mission:

Learn in public. Rinse, wash, repeat.

We'll see you again 5 March 2012.