Digital Learning Project ~ Teacher Cohort Session 1 ~ 1 December 2011

1:00 - Welcome & Overview
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1:15 - Learning is ... (And What Do YOU Mean by Learning? pdf)

A quick mashup ... ~

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1:45 - Setting the Stage for the Digital Learning Project

What the kids saw ...
The Importance of CREATING & SHARING

Mark KlassenEthan BodnarBen RiddleEmma's Mixed Media JournalLauren’s PhotographyLindsey Purpura

2:15 - 2:45 Imagine the Possibilities
Underground to Canada Map project

• Grade 4 & Grade 10 video “In Plain English” style (rock cycle & weather, slavery in Canada) - Slices of Pie see also
• Math flickr pics: Curtain Trigonometry
Brooksie's Symbolic - descriptive language


Gearing Up by Binks, on Flickr
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2:45 - 3:20 Get Your Gear On!GoogleFlickrdelicious
How you spend this time is up to you ... maybe tinker with some toys or play with some ideas. Share what you're thinking with at least one other person in the room.
Say Cheese! 1 by aforgrave, on Flickr
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3:20 - 3:30 Your Mission:
• Get your slide into your flickr account.
• Add 4 more pics of anything SFW.
• Add your slide to Great Quotes About Learning and Change

We'll see you between now and 13 January 2012!