Let's explore some collaborative drawing together ...

Have you heard of The Johnny Cash Project ...

The Johnny Cash Project is a work by visual artist Chris Milk. You may also be interested in The Wilderness Downtown and ROME.
NB: ROME can only be viewed using the Chrome web browser, The Wilderness Downtown requires either Chrome or Safari.

Let's spend some time drawing together with FlockDraw. We'll start by browsing the gallery.

Next, once you;ve got your group number, decide what you want to draw together. You might:

(a) Draw a house tree and sun landscape.

(b) Copy one of these 5-minute sketches

(c) You decide on something else together using the chat

FlockDraw Group01
FlockDraw Group02
FlockDraw Group03

Only two of our drawings were saved to the gallery and, unfortunately, not the final products either. (We'll call that "a lesson learned." ;-))

Here’s the original doc, now kids, it’s your turn:

(1) make one initial slide (2) duplicate it (3) change the next slide slightly (4) repeat 449 times

You might also want to play with a Google Draw ...

Google Draw
Group 01
Google Draw
Group 02
Google Draw
Group 03

And there's more to explore and share here.