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The Power of Writing - Together.
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Gettin' Twitterpated ...

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Some Questions to Kickstart Gettin' Twitterpated
What's a hashtag? A copy of educational hash tags used on twitter.

What's a "twitter chat" and why should I care?

What's a FOAF and how does it help you build a network worth having?

Twitter Lists and (Darren's various

If you have already joined twitter come tweet using the hashtag: #sjsdlms


Twitter grammar:
Mentions or "@ replies"

Retweeting or RT

Modified Tweets or MT

Preceding a tweet with a [space] or .
Bags of Gold for You

Your Mission:

Tweet One (valuable) Link. Use the hashtag: #sjsdlms

Look what you've made together ...


Mmmm, lunch ...

Learning is ...

A quick mashup ... ~
Here's a step-by-step you can use (pdf)

Email your mashups to:

With Great Power Comes Great Responsibility

Swing like Spidey: Creative Commons

Share your mashup online. Any way you like.

One suggestion:

You might also want to join and share your photo in this flickr group.
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Ya Got a Minute?

Take these slides for a test drive...presentations.png

Group 1

Group 2

Group 3

Group 4

Group 5

Group 6

Group 7