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Chat Archive: 5 Dec 2011

Is this thing on?Welcome to today's session!This is a unique learning opportunity!So glad there's food!Please use this space to introduce yourself to the group :-)wow! This is really cool!Nice and cold this morningYay -22CGood Morning.. I'm Kirsten Dozenko from 7 oaks and the TAC groupGood Morning! This is pretty cool!!My name is Peggy Murphy and my cohort is MishelleI'm a vocational teacher (advertising arts) from Crocus Plains in Brandon, MBInteresting site.Nice to see you Louanne and KimMy name is Tricia Griffin and my name is Cathy Pellizaro. We are both from Thompson and we are both on the TAC Team.Hi I am Blake from BrandonGood Morning, I am Brandy Chevalier and I teach Grade 7/Guidance in Garden Valley School Division in Winkler, Manitoba.Good morning folks! Looking forward to a great day together!Hi, I'm Bernie and I'm a recovering alcoolic ;-) No, really, grade 8 French immersion LRSDit is cold outCongratulations Jennifer!!! We missed you on Saturday!What is TAC team?TAC= teacher action cohortWhat is TAC? I feel left outTeacher Action Cohortno kiddingExpand please... is a group of teachers that volunteer their time with MTS to facilitate sessions around the province on equity issues and leadership, goagoal planning, working with EAs and now cyber bullyingThe link provided should provide informing needed. Just click on it.*informationTKSA student once explained her perception of bullying to me though use of a visual metaphor. She said:what did she say?"Take a piece of paper. Now crumple it up--that's bullying. Now apologize to it. Unfold it without ripping it. See the wrinkles?...Don't leave us hanging...Kim you should look into becoming a member.Good one...that's the effect that bullying leaves behind."Peggy - we'll talk! :)okie, dokieI use that example all the time nowThanks for the visual metaphor....I will try it tomorrow with all my students@Korey That's a great share! Anyone else have ideas to share?You're welcome. Communication can only assist empathy, right?Our school has "connectime" for the last 20 minutes of every day where our students come back to homeroom, discuss homework, ask questions oRight on buddy. ;-)Someone at my table farted:)Nice Terry. ;-)sounds like my grade 5 classroomModelling bullying.Never mind, it was me.Terry isn't even in the room. Someone has hijacked her name. (reputation?)I'm gonna guess....BLAKE.Oh no. ComputersThat is how bullying works. Stirring the pot with an alias, or without someone's permission...So is this a "technology" problem or a"classroom management" problem?....and then the people who jump to conclusions....This is a flaw of human nature!FTR, got my eye on you Blake. ;-)@Darren That version of "Terry" was a great example as well. Nicely done.@ Trish How might we use this forum to tap into +'ive aspects of human nature?I'm going to guess "Classroom management" problem.Bullying comes in many forms...intimidation, seclusion, etc....Kids are able to feel safer or even anonymous by using cyberspace!!I resent that accusation, as true as it may be:)@All Why didn't you all "jump" on "Terry"? eg: "You're better than that Terry, aren't you?"she scares meMy bad. Kudos, Blake.Not knowing who Terry is and her standing in the comunity, I found the exchange entertaining. Is that part of the problem?so WHAT do we do when things like this happen...can we discuss solutions/ways to address this because it WILL happenAn excellent example of active learning as well.@Brandy Excellent question. Especially in today's mass acceptance of social media.@All it's a symbiotic - I just learned what the '@' meant. :)Looking at the Thompson example; even if it occured outside of school, do we have the right and moral permission to ignore ot once we are maThe last sentence should read:permission to ignore once we are made aware of it?if "abuse" occurs at home are we not obligated legally as professionals to address the issueFYI: "Twitter" is much like this chat room with a 140 character limit.well said Darren@Cindy Thanks. ;-)All said, I just want to say I'm not the one who farted...just remember issues that happen outside of school......can not be dealt with at school level unless...I don't think it's about moral permission - I think it's our moral obligation....there is a definite effect with student learning.We are "in loco parentis" only at school.Might I just add...a lot of learning happened that day!!Might I just add...a lot of learning happened that day!!Might I just add...a LOT of LEARNING happened that day!!Might I just add...a LOT of LEARNING happened that day!!@Jean See "Manitoba Safe Schools" changes to the Public Education Act.Might I just add...a lot of learning happened that day!!Might I just add...a LOT of LEARNING happened that day!!@Jean See "Manitoba Safe Schools" changes to the Public Education Act.Might I just add...a LOT of LEARNING happened that day!!@Jean See "Manitoba Safe Schools" changes to the Public Education Act.@Trish That bears repeating. ;-)Real life example: a student punches another student at a local shopping mall. The abuser and victim are in your classroom the next day...Sorry! I pushed say and it wasn't I kept pushing! I am persistant...but not trying to be a bully!!What's the solution?I am sooo glad Blake is back on our team...he adds spice to life!!Whatever, you Thompson girls just need to be heard:-)Terry, you know me so well!Yes she does!@ Darren - from Safe Schools Thanks for the link.Announced in May this year from Dept of Ed, cell phones, tablets are permitted at our school..... and what is funny about it, the DO NOT abuse it...mind you it is a middle school in rural mb@Brandy All action research, even in urban areas, has similar results.@darren... certainly not a surprise!@Brandy & Darren -the younger we allow the students to bring the tools to school and teach them how to use them wiselythe less likely we will have to deal with poor behavior as they get olderAmen sister. ;-)@bernadette; technology is not "BAD" it is intended as a tool for GOOD... it is the operator that makes it what it is be it neg or pos:DHey lets do this: A shorter lunch, a quick break in the pm, and then close around 3pm. Anyone else up for this?YES!Sounds good to me:)I agree.. but someone stole my identity...or leaned across the table to my computerI'm inI'm inWe can do that.Great idea!Boy that Kirsten is one smart lady!Here's a resource (caution, a few may not suitable for education): and good looking!check out our Oak Park Student on You Tube. Sean Quigley - Little Drummer Boy. Already at 198,000 views just posted thursdayI was impressed with your student! wow!Hey I could do a working lunch if it meant getting some time to shop!i LOVE the idea of working lunch :DI love the wrod 'pithy'...seems fruitful to me.All of us are smarter than any of us or one of us?????? Is this correct?What about brain research that indicates that we are NOT good multitaskers? Doesn't this sort of forum take away our focus and the possibilipossibility for thinking deeply about topics being presented?We multitask all the time@Peggy, Yes - the room collectively, is smarter than any 1 individual.Continuous partial asset in some workplaces, difficult for me as a learnerI think this is great... personally it redirects my attention.. if my attention was lost by this point, typically i would be on an..unrelated site TOTALLY off topic, this gives the ADD child in me a tool to stay on taskI am that ADD kid! Bring it on!I'm missing the flow of the conversation in the room because of this conversation...@brandy, can you say that again, I was watching cats dance on You tube:-)then minimize the window!@blake... I LOVE SILLY CATS!@Jen ur right. It's not multitasking, it's rapid sequential partial attention ...... u might want to read Brain Rules by Dr. John Medina. Let's talk at break too. ;-)American studies suggest students can not read at college level because they don't have the attention or focus to understand complex txtsarticle connects lack of deep concentration to sequential partial attentionWhy is MB 2nd lowest in LA, math, science if all this wonderful stuff going on?well said Louanne@Gwyn - No sense blaming social media, they have social media in all ten provinces (and territories)@Gwyn There are no simple answers to a complex problem like that.See more about unplugd: is the article the one that darren suggested? Brain Rules?No, sorry, can't recall name... Educational Leadership last winterok thanks@JenL will interoffice mail you a copyoh thanks :)Andy is in the House!!Thanks for the warm welcome, @Blake :-)More information on the 'Free Hugs' campaign -'s a whole bunch of information about danah boyd -'s Twitterfeed:!/zephoriaLove that - "public by default, private with effort"...As a teenager, if you're not seen, you're nobody...those kids who are engaging in offline risky behaviors are often the same kids who engage in risky behaviors online...@Andy You also mentioned Alice Marwick: @Korey :-)Teenagers need to understand that to be online, is to be viewed publicly.Here's a grea example of an online chat room made a concert setting:*greatNot sure if that link worked, this one should: is not working KoreyIt'll work now: maybe not. But it's not the tech, the problem is "between the chair and the computer" (phrase courtesy of Darren)@all. Ok. I know I made a typo earlier, am I supposed to acknowledge it with the * afterward? To show I caught it? last try:! :)@Miranda & Kim - not necessary, but you could correct it that way if you'd like :-)@Korey - thanks for this link... I'm sure it'll be worth the wait ;-)I use the * because I make frequent typos. It's a personal thing I picked up from texting.We'll get started again in just a minute...Sounds good!!From PSA 47.1 (2.1) Interpretation: cyber-bullying another good video@ Darren & Andy, although the Videos are provided on, is it possible to provide a list of the YouTube video names?@Korey - Yep... we'll share a list of video names & links :-)if this was at school, was there any consequences for the kids or with police@ Andy Thanks!This link contains the complete list of videos that Darren shares in this presentation - - both of the boys got suspended from school for fighting...Would Casey have been a hero if Richard had died or been seriously injured?In some peoples mind, he would have been a hero no matter what.Richard has learned nothing from the experience...probably in part because he is defensive from being villianized!!I hope someone is supporting Casey's emotional needs!I hope someone is supporting both young men and use this as a teachable moment.I totally agree!Okay, so this incident happened @ school, therefore they were suspended. What if it happened after school, then went online?The students still attend class, with an incident like this between them, when is it the schools responsibility?Apparently empathy is hard-wired in us. Sometimes, I wonder...Some of the worst bullies in my school are the staff membersIsn't that so sad. When does it change?In presentations, don't get mired in the research...True to that, Kim!BTW, all of our slides are now 'live' on the justdandy wiki - away from the 'doom & gloom' talks...id10tid10t ;-)videos were great - thank youso now I can call someone an eye dee ten tee and they will have no idea what I am talking about:-) I agree-eventhough I teach in a high school it seems like I'm still in high school!where's the RT (retweet) button on this thing?There it is...'pithy'...justDAndy - you guys are the bestKorey, I hope you are going to use your quote!?!@Peggy Yesterday is gone, tomorrow is unknown, today is a gift - that's why they call it the 'present'.@ Trish Yup. Already found the crumpled paper image.Also, I can vouch for Darrens comment about text placement. I was a graphic designer for 13 years, and his information is bang-on.Thanks Miranda and Kim for the quote. I love it.